SRPyoga is a powerfully simple yoga studio management system.

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SRPyoga is an easy-to-use, fully secure cloud-based application that runs on any desktop or phone browser

SRPyoga has a proven production history of 10 years of satsified yoga studios and students. Features include:

* class scheduling - simple, intuitive

* student package customization - no matter how you structure the packages (classes, days, weeks, years, sharing between students) SRPyoga can handle it simply and gracefully.
SRPyoga was designed by yogis for yogis.

* student relationship management and call history

* STOP paying for email marketing! Send promotional emails from SRPyoga via Amazon's *FAST* Email Service at the push of a button.

* Automated messages to encourage students to keep up their practice

* Handles class package sharing, sales tax return preparation, and much more.

As a yoga studio owner, you have enough to worry about without teaching people complicated systems. SPRyoga is designed on the *NO LEARNING CURVE* principle.

SRPyoga is intuitive enough to be used for basic class operations without any instruction whatsoever.

Try it for yourself. No training is needed - anybody should be able to see how to do basic studio tasks using SRPyoga, without instruction.

SRPyoga is fully web-based and works equally well on a desktop, phone or tablet. Data is secured in transit and at rest. No data is stored on the local device. SRP Yoga is PCI compliant.

We can convert your existing system data (no conversion charges). SRPyoga uses encryption for all data transmission and is hosted by Amazon's data center.
We've been operating with Amazon's incredibly reliable platform continuously for the past 10 years

Try using SRPyoga right now!

We will generate an instant demo sandbox (just for you) to show you how easy and effective SRPyoga can be for your studio.

Our longime users know SRPyoga is a superior solution specifically for yoga studios and we hope you'll find that you'll agree.

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The Happy Team at SRPyoga

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